Monday, September 14, 2009

A classic

Neill, I promise you some more new work soon. Barely functioning today, late night with the kid.

So this is probably the most famous piece of art I have ever done. Before Cloverfield came out everybody was wondering what the creature would look like. I found a contest that was offering a free shirt for the most original design. I need shirts Neill, how else will I hide these moderately sized man boobs from the public? So a free shirt is a pretty good deal, especially when I get it for just drawing some silly 'what if' monster.

So I wanted a man in a suit vibe from this guy. Like all those great old Kaiju films of yesteryear. I cranked this out in a couple of nights. Not much time on it. Well, someone found it and it got plastered all over the internet. Yeah, I would have preferred a really cool monster I designed being plastered all over the internet, not something that I imagined having a zipper running up the back. Still, the image received several hundred thousand hits. That's some good exposure Neill. The director even mentioned it in an interview.

You know what's the kicker? They canceled the contest, and I never received my 'effing shirt.

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  1. Also it is way cooler than the Clover they went with...