Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Older post.

Yo Neill, what up my bruddah' !

Sorry for another old design, but this weekend was pretty busy. Actually, it was busy because of a party I went to. My friend Trevor had an outdoor movie night at his place. Showed King Kong Escapes. Not as good as District 9, but totally enjoyable. My kids loved it.

Here's the crazy part, my friend Trevor went to VFS! Just like you. Actually, this blog is really his idea. He's a smart cookie. Maybe it's that VFS think out of the box training you guys received. There was plenty of other Vancouver Canucks there as well. Small world huh?

I promise some new work soon. If there's any special request, let me know.

Update: Oops. Sorry Neill, Trevor did not attend Vancouver Film School. He went to Capilano in North Vancouver, but his rockingly cool animation lead named Heron (yeah, like the majestic swamp bird) went to Vancouver Film School. So there you go.

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