Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First desperate plea....

So I saw District 9. I loved it. It was everything I had hoped it would be. I first learned about Neill Blomkamp several years ago, way back when he made Tetra Vaal. I thought the look of that short was stunning. I wished that Hollywood would make something that cool. Years later, and several other shorts, I read that Peter Jackson had picked Blomkamp to direct Halo. I was ecstatic.

As excited as I was, I specifically remember telling a friend that I wished he was expanding on his Alive in Joburg short from before. Maybe that was the moment fate went came knocking on Blomkamps door. Maybe that was the butterfly wing flap that began a hurricane a world away. At any rate, Halo collapsed and District 9 was announced. I think it was for the better.

Now here we are. Neil Blomkamp is a super star director, debuting with what I think will be this generations Blade Runner. I want to work with him...you. Mr. Blomkamp, I'll work on spec. I can draw you up some aliens to enhance your pitch for whatever alien feature you decide to do next. I'm pretty good at aliens, I've been drawing them professionally for years, and unprofessionally since I was in the womb. That's right, using my finger I drew aliens and cyborgs on the inside of my Mothers womb.

This is my first desperate plea Mr. Blomkamp. Let me work with you, on spec, for free with credit in a film, a random story you want illustrated, whatever.

Here's my first lunchtime sketch dedicated to this blog. It's a quickie, as most of these will be (I have a concept art job, two kids and a wife), but if I can crank out one of these in forty minutes, imagine a few hours or days worth of work.

Well, that's it. I'm nothing but an art whore hoping to have Neill Blomkamp as my pimp.

(It's hard for me to talk up myself, so obviously this blog is a bit tongue and cheek. I really would love to work with Neill Blomkamp, District 9 was the freshest piece of sci-fi I've seen in years.)

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