Monday, February 1, 2010

Totally, Definitely, Positively, Not Busy.

Just saying. You case you were wondering. Like maybe you were all, "Oh man, this dude would make a great meat shield!," or, "Man, bet that guy makes a mean cup of coffee!," or whatever. Just so's ya' know.

So Neill, you ever read The Forever War? I think you're a sci-fi nerrrrrrrr....uh....stud, so you probably have. I finally did a few months ago. 'Dat shit is tight! Anyway, I hear Ridley is finally making it. God I hope it doesn't get fucked up. I mean Ridley Scott is the shit; love that guy, but what about the Monopoly movie, or the Alien prequel? Why is he agreeing to these things? Gambling debts? What if the well is dry? Technically it'll be gorgeous, so I guess I don't really need to worry.

So anyway this fucker is a Tauran. Quick shit. Wanted to write at lunch, but this room can be loud. LOUD! I SAID LOUD MOTHERFUCKER! Can you tell were I focused on the art? Yep that's it. Christ you're brilliant.

Have a great one man!



  1. Hey Doug! Been trying to get in contact with you, please send me an email at if you can!

  2. Hey this is cool, man! Do you have any more Forever War art?