Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bow Wow Yipee Yay

Holy poop nuggets Neill, have you been reading these posts? They are total crap. I mean, good grief, I need to take some pride in my work. I crank these out at lunch, and rarely look over them before I post.

Clickety-clickety-clicket-clikety-DONE! Publish. Wait for million dollar check.

That shit is not working.

Although, things are a little hectic right now. Been hecka busy lately (Hecka is my new favorite word after watching this: PUPPY ODYSSEUS). Not bad busy though, not sad busy; just busy. I guess that's a good thing. For a glimmering moment of truth; it's all worth it when I walk in through the door at night and my kids great me like I've been on a trip for the last month. Kids, they make it all worthwhile.

Shit! Too sentimental! Uh...uh...fuggernuckers in old ladies drawers! Crystallized urine in a monkeys anus! Hot pants filled with leaky diarrhea! Poo poo!

Whew! Barely pulled out of that nose dive.

So the images above are old, but you haven't seen them. So, they're you. I wanted to do a picture book a while back. It had sort of an odd story, but I think it's still cool. I love a lot of European (especially French) comic artists. Moebius is right up there with Lucas and Miyaaki for childhood influences. So, you can't tell any story from these images. Trust me it's decent. It would not make a good film, or novel. Maybe it could be a comic, but even then, I think the format of a picture book would work best. Maybe I'll do it someday. Fuck, I hate that that's become my mantra. Someday, someday, someday.

Well, I'm done typing, so it's time to hit publish!

Douglas Someday Williams

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