Wednesday, April 28, 2010

District Something

Yo, yo, yo , yo! What's up dawg? See what I did there. I went with dawg, instead of dog. It's cooler. I think the kids say 'punk rock' now. Like, 'that's so punk rock.' So calling you 'dawg' is so 'punk rock'.

Well Neill, here's a quicky lunch sketch. I'm going to be the first to say that I have not been on board with the whole 'aliens come back to kill us' idea for D10. There just didn't seem much there. But then I really started thinking about it. It would be awesome seeing exo-suits decked out with missile pods and heavy communication equipment.

What really gets my juices flowing is the idea of the young aliens born on earth siding with us. Since this is there home, despite having been subjugated to a tent city for the last few years. Mix that with a Wikus and Christopher storyline, maybe Wikus sneaking onto a mothership; shit, there's actually a lot of cool ways to do this. You have to convince Sharlto to wear the silly suit though. He needs to be the Jason Cope in this flick. Don't worry Mr. Cope, your Grey Bradman character is going to be the Wikus.

Now all I need is financing.


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