Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quick and dirty

Quick stuff Neill. Time crunch is full on lately. FULL ON! Shit's getting done though, so at least there's that. It wasn't not so long ago. Wheel's kept spinning. Then-BOOM-they get some traction, and now it's light a fucking freight train. Working hard, but moving fast.

Things should slow down in a month again. At least that's my hope. I want to play me some Just Cause 2. That demo Neill; oh man. There's nothing like grappling a man to a compressed air canister and firing him into the stratosphere. Am I desensitized to violence? Am I on the internet? That shit answers itself.

Well, lunch is over, have a good fucking day man.


PS- The girl and robot and from an eighties sci-fi ski movie. Hence all the Rossingnol and Decent logo's. What movie? Oh, I have not made it yet.

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