Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Holy cantina aliens, Batman!

Nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-NEE-AHL! That's phonetics. Your name merged with the original batman theme. A bit of a walk to get there, but I think it works.

So what's up dog? Your flick going well? I bet it is. Shit's been cooky busy here, but in a good way. Well...for the most part. It's complicated. Which is also an awful film.

So you up here? You down in New Zealand? LA? Where you filming? You want to know where you should film it? My backyard. I have some trees, a hill, some play structures. dude it would be perfect. Just don't film to far to the west. Why? Industry, Neill, industry.

Industrial park, that's now a church. I don't get it either. I should mention, it's also a small backyard. But you're used to filming in constraints. Oh, but at the end of our culdesac is a house that is apparently trying to build their own Soweto on their front lawn. So maybe we could use that.

I'll bring some little smokey's, and Kokanee (that's what you guys drink right? Molson? Molson Ice?), and we'll make our film. OH right! Your film.

Executive Producer/Writer/Concept Artist/Backyard Organizer/Caterer
Doug Williams

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