Monday, April 26, 2010


Sup Neill? I am sort of swamped at the moment. Posts will probably be few and far between for awhile.

Here's some old art ( I probably shouldn't be showing it), too an old idea, but an idea I've always enjoyed. It's changed a lot over the years. The initial idea was about a man who awakes in this torn down old morgue. He's got this crow following him around. When he passes a mirror he realizes he has no head! So the story becomes about him finding out who he is, and why he's alive.

It had all these other elements, like a group of orphans, and a big PMC that was helping protect this dictator birth a new God that fit there own set of rules. Sort of a blatant analogy about how political groups use God to fit there own agenda's.

Lots to it, eventually the crow talks, the guy realized he was sort of a douche when he was alive (but a loving family man--NO IT'S NOT ME), and his head was placed in the trunk of a junked car. Then there's the whole show down.

I still like it. I can really only see it as a comic. I think it's a visual story, but would be too expensive as a film for the audience it would attract.

Anyway, that's it, have a good one!

Oh yeah, Baby God sketch.



  1. Love your art and your blog.

    Wondering if I can have your permission to use the hitchhiking crowman as my fb image with a link to your site etc.?

    Moving/going backpacking so it kind of fits, but wouldnt want to steal your art. :D

  2. Thanks!

    Spreading the good word, even long before. Here's looking at your name in the credits of District 10!

    *bottoms up!* :P