Friday, April 2, 2010

Sup' popin' fresh? Things going well? They are for me Neill, they are for me. I had that crappy art night from the last post, but last night rocked the 'effing Casbah.

Not only did I get some awesome headway on a at home project (No you can't see), I had time to crank out some speedy photochops. The destroyed building image was created in under fifteen minutes. Horrible composition, very unfinished, but I sort of like it. Hence the posting. I like the idea of old 'fringe' cities. The cities of today, on the outskirts of beautiful walled cities of the future.

The top image is of a cargo transport. I love future mundane. It's those little details that make an exciting sci fi story work. The little bits. The offworld blimp from Blade Runner. The shot of the spaceport in Episode II . The Travolta from Battlefield Earth. So I like the idea of low tech commerce. Things you can't or don't feel the need to rush somewhere with a molecular sending device.

Wait...where's the funny? This post is sort of bland.

Linkage. (In case you didn't know to click the image)

Have a great one!


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