Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weapons of War....Guilds

CLASH-ING! That's a sword sound Neill. Not some cheap as foam LARP sword either, the real deal. Used for some hacky-hacky Orc chopping action. You know? Right? Totally.

So I've been sort of jammed up with other work at the moment, so here's some old work from my day job. I worked on Guild Wars for years. Been here seven years. It's odd, I was always a sci-fi nerd. Loved Star Wars, Tron, Blade Runner, Akira, Robotech (Macross), Warriors of the Wind (Nausicaa), Star Blazers (Yamato), Star Trek, Asimov, Alien; you get the idea. Really the only fantasy I knew was Tolkien. Other than that, I really didn't care for it.

So when I was briefly unemployed after the implosion of the last company I worked at, I applied to Arena Net. They asked me to draw some fantasy creatures/people to see if I could handle the job. I had to draw a goblin, Amazonian warrior, and Necromancer. I had no clue what a Necromancer was. basically it's the emo kid of the fantasy world. Maybe a little S & M? Goth? The Crow? Well, all that, mixed with Dumbledore's ass crack. Angry fuckers.

So here's some weapons. There are so many fucking weapons in an MMO. So....many.....weapons. Not nearly as many weapons as icons (shudder), but still a lot. These are a small sampling of past weapons. Check that crab claw. Dungeness. Big 'effing Dungeness. You'd need like a gallon of butter for that shit!

Oh hey, I saw your Time magazine most influential person of the year nomination. All the blog fans, click HERE to see it. It has a slider. Like it's from the future. Now should I put you as number one, above say like, the President? Stephen Hawking? Probably not, but seeing as Lady Gaga is number two...I'm not feeling so bad. YOU'RE NUMBER ONE IN MY BOOK NEILL! What? How'd I find out? Oh, Copley's Facebook fan page. Thirty four year olds have just as much of a right to belong to fan pages on Facebook. Plus, on the inside, I'm a twelve year old girl....with braces.

Good lord...how far in the abyss have I fallen.

Hey, nice pic on the Time site though. It reminds me of something though...

We're never meeting, are we?

Doug "Please have a great sense of humor Neill" Williams


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  1. Great. Now I have to go pick up Guild Wars again.