Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Both ends...burnt

Neill, dude. I have two things I need to start with. One; by no means am I getting over you or anything. I'm still totally into you, and totally committed to this blog. Like, totally. I've just been super busy. Everything is sort of happening at once, some things that I thought were going to happen a while ago are happening now, things I thought would happen now, are also happening now. Plus I'm feeling super creative...I have more shit on my plate than I could possibly digest in a year, but I'm chomping away anyways.

So that's one thing, me being busy, and not ignoring the blog. The other is, I need to make sure when Ridley see's my blog that his feelings aren't hurt. I mean, fuck dood, I love Ridley Scott. Alien and Blade Runner are two of the most influential pieces of art to me personally, not to mention the rest of the world! So yeah, I still worry about the Space Jockey loosing some of it's mystery with a prequel, but I'm also excited to see what Scott does.

I love the exploration of the derelict ship in Alien. The mystery of it. It reminds me of a story of when I was at art school and was watching Star Wars with a buddy. I love Star Wars. There's that scene with 3PO walking in the desert, and in the background there's this huge skeleton. I said something like,"I love that we don't know what that thing is, it's just there." My buddy followed up with, "Oh, that's a Kryat Dragon, they're all over the Dune Sea." WTF. A dragon? That is dumb. Mystery gone. Some of that shit needs to be in there! Don't explain everything!

Anyway, so here I go. I decided to start designing what I think would be a cool Alien prequel. The above are some early lunch sketches of the Space Jockey not plugged into his cockpit. I read somewhere where Ridley refered to the chair as a space suit. It got me thinking. What if the whole ship is the suit? An organic massive transport suit.

We tend to think of a guy in a captains chair control a ship. What if the whole ship was the suit, you would basically be the ship at that point. it would be like a living extension of yourself. you would 'feel' it's hull, and always know exactly how close you were to something. So, I'm giving the tall drink of water lots of openings for plugging it.

I'm also thinking of story. Of other races, that we can relate with a little more. Because that big fucker is ugly, and will be no matter what. You can't drive the SS Giger and not be ugly. You just can't.

SO, expect some more of the sketches/thumbnails of a few more aliens, then maybe some 16x9 scene renders, followed up with some storyboards. It'll be a fun experiment. Plus, next time you see Ridley you can be all, "Dude, I know this guy, man is he handsome. He also drew some cool Alien prequel shit. Check it out."

Then you hand him the open laptop with this blog on the screen and Ridley will look and be all,"My God...it's full of stars...."



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