Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Holy productivity Batman!

Dude, Neill, holy shit. Yesterday was mega crazy, but I got mega shit done. Like a surprising amount. Sweet! Plus, heading off to the peninsula this weekend. Heading home. Stephanie Meyer totally got PA wrong. Zero vampires over there. Just Lizardmen.

So as productive as yesterday was, not much was accomplished at lunch today. just this quick sketch. It's following some of Giger's original design more. I still love the trunk, but am wondering if it was supposed to be more of an air hose, like in the painting. It makes sense...a trunk of flesh would deteriorate. Maybe though the Pilot (Space Jockey) is truly fused with bio-mechs the trunk would not degrade. Tough call.

I also remember reading somewhere that Scott thought the Pilot was a bomber pilot, and the eggs were essentially bombs that would decimate a population with xeno's. I like that idea, and there's cool story elements in there. Especially the pilot dying by an alien chestburster. Irony.

I put the bubbleish helm back on the pilot from the sketch. It could be cool to have a fight between some smaller race on the ship and the pilot. The smaller guys would be climbing on the pilot, and one could turn the helm off for a second and the facehugger could jump in. then the pilot could frantically try and get the bubble down to stop the facehugger, but it's too late. Although, I like the alien sending out a warning, which would be uncharacteristic of 'the bad guy'. Man...I'm getting more and more curious with what Scott is planning. Every direction I try to imagine this film going has so many holes. Fuck, this shit is tough!

Oh well...more tomorrow...maybe.


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