Friday, July 2, 2010


Neill, dude, I'm still moving on this. I've been doing these other pages for some other project (and they're coming along swimmingly), but I snuck in a quick writing session. I was able to crank out a quick story layout. It came together really fast.

I always dig movie that tells a fun decent story on the surface, but underneath has more going on. Social commentary and shit. I eats it up. It's why I love the original Dawn of the Dead way more than the new one. It's way Alien and Aliens and the company line aspect make those movies more than just a scare fest. It's why District 9 was about the evils of cat food production. Our cats deserve better.

So the background emotion for my story sort of 'forced evolution'. Mankind changing. I remember seeing these dead zones at the great barrier reef. You'd go from amazing color, and amazingly crowded life, to nothing. Completely empty areas of bleached dead coral. Not one fish. Dead. It was one of the most unsettling things I have ever seen. It has had a profound effect on me. I guess that's really were the coral element comes in. It's still inked to that scary empty vibe. So forced evolution, what's that mean? I have ideas...maybe if and when I write more I'll explain more of what I mean. Maybe I'll just keep my mouth shut and let the reader figure it out. Maybe I'll strip down to my underwear and recite Christmas carols while running through a laundry-mat.

Any way...this is a way downer post for a movie about space zombies. I cranked out the image, the idea is to expand it, and you'd see the whole old crew calcified in a cargo hold somewhere. Sort of a 'reveal' moment.

Something funny...uh, oh shit, here's something funny/gross. And there's a lesson to be learned as well. After going to the bathroom numero dos, don't come out of the stall then go straight to the sink, cup water in your hands and drink it. gross. GROSS.

Doug blarg Williams

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