Thursday, July 15, 2010


Top O' the morning to you Neill. Uh...or afternoon. Any who...

How're things? Hopefully going well. So here's another pilot sketch. I decided to imagine my dream Alien prequel. My buddy Dan gave me the idea. I want to imagine a subtitled all alien flick. The rough idea is that the Space Jockey comes from a telepathic/mystecal/scientific race that relied heavily on biomechanics. They grow all their shit.

So these growers designed the aliens. I don't have a great reason why yet. Maybe to help clear out a planet of indigenous (low level) life before terraforming? Maybe they're basically junkyard dogs, a way to both mark and protect unclaimed planetoids. I don't know. Not there yet.

So they're planning on growing and shipping the xenomorphs for another alien race. Some of those race members are along for the ride. these guys are beautiful. Like Navi in essence. very courteous and shit. But...they're dicks. Like total greedy assholes. Total cunt buggers, the lot of them.

So the ugly alien breeders realize what the pretty fuckers want to do. Something horrible, like use the alien eggs as bio weapons, something that never occurred to the elephant men (I'm keeping the trunk, dammit!). A fight breaks out, shit happens, ship crashes. Warning sign goes out, the end. There's more there, I'll type it up some other time.

I like this idea, because it still paint the elephant man in a nicer light. For whatever reason, I really felt for that pilot when I say the film as a kid. So I'm partial to being sympathetic to him/her/it. Plus I like making the ugly fuckers the good guys, and the pretty aliens the assholes. I only worry about adding more aliens (three races) might turn this into Sta Wars. Which I don't think is right for the Alien universe. All this would be in the actual alien languages, and primarily in Avatar like 3-D (it would never make it's money back).

So that's why this suit is more Gigereaque; more like the actual alien. Since both were grown by these guys. The reasoning for the aliens is the really tough part...I'll figure it out. Of course...there's no reason too...I'm know...writing it. It will be fun tough!

Cocks and balls!


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  1. Dude - your work is amnazing and you are hilarious. I have been checking your blog every day since I read about it on io9 and am seriously bummer when there is nothing new.

    Keep up the great work.