Thursday, July 8, 2010

Working it.

What do I do at work? I draws. That's right Neill, I get paid for this shit! The above piece was recently in an article here. Click the word 'here'.

I had more to the image, showing the inside of one of those bumper/go-karts. They were kinetic based. Some people thought they should be magic based. Whatever. They were based on shit that would never really work, so either way it didn't matter. These were fun though, and despite being three years old, they look pretty ok. I've learned a lot since then.

that's the thing about being an entertainment artist. By the time you get to show your work (if at all) it's like years outdated. I have a kickass plan to remedy this though.

Van art.

Dude, think of the possibilities! All we needs to do is get you a van. I'll paint the side with a kickass Blomkamp mural. I'll make you a wizard, riding on the back of an octopus with arms that are unraveling rolls of film. Of course there will be a total merbabe laying at your feet. Then you and I can drive to Penticton, chill by the lake, drink some Molson and look for Ogopogo. Ogopogo is a lake monster, dude. Don't be gross.

All right man, warming up the ol' airbrush!


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