Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One of those nights...

Hey Neill. What? Yeah, I'm a little down. You ever have one of those moments were you feel really creative, but when you get to it you can only seem to produce awful shit? That was my night last night. For the most part.

Things have been going well artistically. Work has been fun. Making some things I'm fairly proud of. So I figured, that would carry to home. Instead I spent three hours frustratingly trying to produce anything that wasn't complete garbage.

Anyway. Maybe it's the home set up. Getting used to the work setup, and not having a setup at home. I work at the dining room table. It's really our only table. It's a fairly nice table. Solid wood.

Well, hopefully, it was a one night deal, I got shits to do!

So above are the few ok things. The building is supposed to be a hide out. Old, cold and dilapidated. I only spent a few minutes on it, and instead of the concrete looking like it's buckling, it sort of comes off as bad perceptive. Next, some goofy cartoony heads. Finally, Pooh. Pooh is not so great, but I like peoples horrified reaction to him. Well, this version at least.

Have a good one man, hopefully your creating better than I am right now.


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