Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chop Chop

Hey there Neill. How's it been going? Hopefully good man. Movie moving along well? You see Moon? Finally watched it. Awesome.

I can't believe that they pulled off such a nice and cohesive look for under 5 million. All I want to do right now is rip off those harvester designs. So cool. Beautiful shots of debris falling around the rover. Man. You and Duncan Jones have made other sci-fi films look like trash, and you did it for half, or less, of their budget. Crazy good times for sci-fi.

Super quick photo-chop today. Still reveling in When Gravity Fails. It's such a fun accessible book. Like your film, it's different. It's cyberpunk, but nothing like what I've read. Not too heady, doesn't forget story in place of tech ideas. Violent, odd, smart, funny; just damned good. Next two in the series are on their way from Amazon. Along with 25 pounds of Crayola air-dry clay. I love helping out in my kids kindergarten class with a monthly project. Any way; that explains the future middle eastern photo manip in under thirty today.

Hey speaking of art, you ever use Sketchup? ZBrush? Fuck I need to learn zBrush and Sketchup. I really dislike drawing perspective. Sketchup can give a great base for design. If you hire me full time for 1 million dollars, I'll totally learn those programs. I'll also be at your beck and call. I give great neck rubs. Just; nothing below the belt. You're on your own with that.


Million Dollar Baby

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