Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fuck Em'.

You and yours deserved more. Seriously. I guess we all knew the academy usually bypasses anything sci-fi for the big award, but District 9 deserved editing at the very least. Two major nomination snubs in my opinion, Clinton Shorter and Sharlto Copley. I mean what the shit, c'mon.

Clinton Shorter's score should have had a nomination. It's a great score, and it's sounds like it was a bitch to get right. I listened to an interview with him. Some podcast I subscribe to. The mixing of elements and cultures to get that score right; tough work. well done, he pulled that shit off masterfully.

Copley, well that boggles the fucking mind. I know people who didn't like District 9 ( I know, I know) and even they loved Copley's performance. "So real" is usually what is attached to it. Maybe it's the fact that Sharlto has admitted to never really planning on being an actor. Or maybe it was because it was improv, and he made it look easy. At anty rate, a fooking crime.

Well, at least The Dude won it. I tend to route for anyone who still uses the word groovy.

I guess it's still awesome that you were nominated. That shit is fucking champion. I mean, a summer sci-fi film with tons of first timers and for under fifty million. What was it? Thirty? Thirty five? Fuck, amybe that's the problem. Maybe District 9 stepped on a lot of toes. maybe certain academy members who make some serious cha-ching per film don't like people knowing you can make something that popular without their name and their fifteen million dollar price tag. Maybe all of Hollywood is a little freaked. Maybe you are, maybe you are a gawdamned prawn! You are Wikus! You scare the others!

Anyways, congrats on the nominations. Still amazing for a first time film, and a sci-fi one to boot.

Oh, the art. Yeah I made it quick so I could post something on the blog. It's part of the District 10 idea I have. Wikus helping to fix/make things. Long story. Ever want to hear it let me know. No mass invasion in it.


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