Monday, March 22, 2010

Mini Cops

Bleep Bloop Blip Neill! That's robo talk for 'whas up?'. No t. Robot's hate t's.

So these are cop bots. I figure why go all Ed -209 for daily police work when you can for for miniature, maneuverable, fast, dart shooting, flying copbots. They have facial recognition, not lethal stun darts, a very complex AI that can make split second decisions and can hover or cruise in any direction. You could fly them into a city, hunt for criminals, dart them , then wait for a pick up crew for interrogation. Easy peasy. You'd have to have terminal cops with minibot kill switches for political reasons, but they'd be more for show than anything else.

I was hoping for a front and back view as well, but I ran out of lunch time. Lunch time is the shortest hour of the day. I swear. Well, maybe the sleep hours...those are short too.

I finished a book you should check out. When Gravity Fails. Pretty awesome whodunnit, set in a futuristic middle east. The thing is, it was written in 1986. So a lot of the 'future' looks relatively close, and some has even come to pass. Fun read. Would make a great movie. Ahem.

Also, I made it into Spectrum again this year! With over 6000 entries, I'm feeling pretty jazzed. List is here. Hellz yeah I'm bragging.

Lastly, my friends Ada and Dan sent this to me.

So close Neill. We've almost caught up to Please Look After this Bear. That fucking bear.

Have a good one.

Mini Dougbot

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  1. Our assassination attempts against that bear have been unsuccessful. We apologize.