Thursday, March 18, 2010

Enter the Ninja

Neill, making up missed time. I had this started awhile ago. It really is funny that you're directing a Die Antwoord video. I went through a week were I listened to Enter the Ninja at least once a day. That and the These New Puritans song We Want War. Over...and over...and over. I started this doodle way back then. Ninja fighting robots. I know, been done to death, but poopers if it isn't fun to draw.

I listened to Enter the Ninja over and over while painting it. Best part of the song for me; Golden Child reference. Brilliant.

Definitely click this pic. It's pretty tiny on the blog.

Hope all's well man.

Doug 'Scha-winng (ninja sword noise, not a Wayne's World boner)' Williams

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