Friday, March 26, 2010

How to train your moleskin

Dude, just saw How to Train Your Dragon. Wow . I mean, Neill, it's really great. This blog has become pretty popular. Just in case some of the HtTYD people are reading; let me say something to you that no other review will for your kids movie:


Man, wow, just wow. I loved it. Go check it out Neill. It's about as fun as it gets. Like crawling into a barrel of live sardines while covered in marmalade. You know what I'm talking about.

Below are some sketchbook sketches.

I think I'm too paranoid that your looking, and the pieces have become more about just getting something up, than doing something fun, or correctly. I'll probably turn one or two of these sketches into something later.

Man have a good one, and go check out How to Train Your Dragon. Is 'your' capitalized in a title? Doesn't matter, the film should be called: HOLY FUCK! HOW TO TRAIN YOUR FUCKING COOL ASS DRAGON!

Diggle Doug

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