Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm a fan of recycling.

Do you recycle Neill? Of course you do. You're from the Northwest. I think they castrate you if you don't, then recycle your balls to fill bean bags with. Or use them as trout bait.

Well, here's some news for you. You can recycle art as well. I know! I know! Well, it's easy. Say you block in some shapes for a piece of art (scroll down), and that piece sort of gets away from you (scroll down). Well, all you have to do is take those blocked in shapes and quickly edit some colors, a bit of glow brush, and add a pure black figure into the pic (scroll up), and-POOF-new art. It's that easy.

It is not cheating! Well maybe you cheated! You just stretched out Alive in Joburg and added more sixty percent more grasshopper to your primarily octo-faced-aliens! I thought you would understand. I thought you would be proud.

It's ok, I'm sorry too. Let's put this behind us. We both know there's one thing we can always agree on.

Admiral Ackbar is the shit.


Doug "It's a Trap!" Williams


  1. I'm pretty sure they just use the balls to play hacky-sack.

  2. i was hoping for a Doug Williams artist's rendition of admiral Ackbar.