Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Neill, back from sunny LA? I've heard rumors the sun shines there for days on end. the clouds sometimes don't even show up on some days. Are the rumors true? It sounds magical. Like a Magical Kingdom (tm) down there.

Anyway, I debated sending this, since I wasn't really happy with it in the end. But if I didn't, I would have no post. These might become a bit more infrequent. Not because I don't lov---uh....still want to work together, just a little busy at the moment.

So this guys story? Well, how about summer mega blockbuster? Sound nice? yeah, for fuck it does! So here's the deal, you go mainstream. Mainstream equals sequel or reboot. I say sequel. What sequel? WarGames mutherfucker!

Yeah see, we get Matthew Broderick and Olivia Wilde (because she's hot). See Matthew has not really gone anywhere since saving us from a nuclear war in the eighties. He's sort of burnt out. Divorced, addicted to pills and shit. Well suddenly people involved in the war room tic tac toe game start getting bumped off. Broderick's character notices this while reading the paper, and this strikes Matt as a little odd. What's really odd is that he still reads the paper, but see he's old school. Stay with me, we're thinking Hollywood storyline here.

So old school Matthew starts trying to solve these murders, and he meets new school Olivia Wilde. She's all cutting edge iPad and shit. So they start solving these murders together through code, she knows all the new code, and he knows all the old code. What? Fuck I don't know what makes the code different, it's old and new; maybe you're missing the concept here. This is why you don't have awards on your mantel right now (that was too soon wasn't it, I really do believe you deserved awards). Concept = Old school and New school + Old guy + hot chick * combine all =WarGames 2 : Exes and Ohz.

Well fine, you come up with a better title. Christ. Why do I try anymore.

So, the machine didn't freeze up in the eighties, it was just...thinking. That's right. Crunching numbers, making plans. Actually making robots to kill people. So you know the rest, chases and fights, Olivia and Matthew fall in love (Yes, they can. Age doesn't matter, we are talking Hollywood here), yadda, yadda, yadda. Eventually they stop the evil program like before, only this time, using a chess game utilizing the latest in 3-D chess tech. Like virtual reality chess. And yes, this will be shot in digital 3-D.

So. This is yours. I give it too you. Enjoy.

Doug XXXOOO Williams

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  1. Awesome image. I'm guessing you missed Wargames: The Dead Code though :P

    WarGames 3...?