Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Neillios, enjoying the games? Got Olympic fever? No worries, there's a cream for that.

So here's an uber quicky. Aliens are easy. Quick and simple. Speaking of aliens, you know what I was disappointed with? Star Wars. The prequels. I know, I know, easy target. Let's ignore the story and plot elements I didn't care for, and focus on the creatures.

They were so bland. Especially compared to some of the aliens from the originals. It's like they turned into Star trek aliens. Nose ridges and head horns. I wanted more Klaatu's and 4-LOMS (I had that version, and yes I did order my Ackbar action figure). More Bossks, Squid Heads and Ree Yees's. I didn't want to see those exact guys again and again, but new creatures with the same fun-ness to them. Remember how each movie had new creatures? The new flicks mainly rehashed all the old ones. Boring.

Plus, I figured, finally we can break out of plain old human aliens. Sebulba was one of the few that really broke the mold. He's was fucking awesome. That's what those movies needed more of. Not the cartoony digital characters we received. I guess those cockroach guys were pretty neat too. Still, not nearly enough. Those movies had some really great designs though. Amazing artists.

So that's that. My quick post, for quick art.

Doug "Hammerhead from the original is the best Star Wars alien of all time" Williams


  1. Enjoying your blog immensely. Hope Neill takes notice!

    Love the texture in this alien rendering.

    (Agree about the hammerhead Ithorian's in Star Wars: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Roron_Corobb )

  2. Nice work, I'm sure Neill will love it. Hey, I thought I made up the word Blarg! No I guess I just forgot where it came from. Meh!