Monday, February 8, 2010

Grabage Man!

Yo Neill! Sup' man. Things are going good here. Sorry for the lack of updates, I know that they are the highlight of your day, but I've been busy. I've been writing, and man it's fun! No, not for another idol blog, but a real honest to goodness fun story. I realized how much I missed writing.

So here's a quicky, lunch picture. Slavage guy. I have a whole story wrapped around him. I want to make a short film with him in it, but I'd have to hit up some friends and find the time. Tough stuff. Basically he a salvage guy. His helmet is decorated by his kids. If you're ever interested in hearing the whole story, just write me and I'll tell you.

Oh, for the record, your buddy was robbed. Copely's performance was one of the best this year. I assumed he was nominated. I call fucking bullshit.

So, anytime you want to hang and grab a few brews, just let me know. I swear I won't go Glenn Close on you. Unless you scorn me. Then it's rabbit in the pot time.


Doug Close

PS-You might dig this talk by Kim Stanely Robinson. Good shit. KSR Bonus Video.

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