Monday, February 22, 2010

Double Dip

Yo, yo, yo! Howzat goin' Neill?!? Getting you're tux ready for the awards night? I'm telling you, plaid never goes out of style. EVER!

So this image is on a windy planet. The settlers set up shop underneath, and use wind turbines above them for power. I figure tech slightly above were we are now would be totally old school to them. It would be like little house on the prairie. On 172 channels and no wet wired entertainment? Like living in the past!

This is lazy art. I almost didn't post it. Here it is anyway. Just to show I'm not slacking. I drew it lazy, and it shows. Boo.

I did take a night off to relax. I finally recieved Moon which I have been waiting to see for a year. My wife wanted to watch the other movie we got, Julie & Julia. So I started watching Julie and Julia. I guess I had my man-gina on, because I was really enjoying it. Do you know what it's about?

T his loser lady makes this blog and devotes it entirely to Julia Childs. Like that's ever going to work. Well, it does. Shit Neill, this could be us! Doug & Neill, staring maybe Wesley Snipes and Kenny Baker; or Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford; or Kate Winslet and Ryan Reynolds; or some other weird bullshit combo. If you want it can be Neill $ Doug. I'm not really an egotistic fella. Thank God, my name's not Bob!

Bon Appetit!

Doug Williams


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