Thursday, February 18, 2010

With or without the tail?

Neill, you know what I love? Tiger prawns. Were I grew up we'd head out into the straights to go fishing and lay nets on our way out. Even if you didn't catch a fish, you usually had a good haul of tiger prawns. I wonder what a District 9 prawn would taste like. I wouldn't eat it raw; like some people; but I would probably cook it up and make a nice lemon butter sauce to dip it in. Man, just thinking of that movie is making me hungry.

Anywho; so this started as a human space suit, but then started to morph into what a Prawn might wear. Not the water in the net delicious prawn, but the movie alien from space prawn. Yeah, ignoring comma's. I tried to bring in some design elements I think Greg would have put in. Because I had already started the colors I stuck with red. I think the white, orange, black coloring would be better though.

Sort of sad that i used to scoff at people who made 'fanart'. I thought they were wasting there time. Yet; none of them made a fake book cover. Sigh. These nerd horns are pointy.

Well, back to work for me.


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