Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Neill! That's all I got.

I'm realizing I'm terrified of clean streets. I mean rendering them. Dirt, grime; shit-eeeeeeasy. But clean, pristine? Fuck. That will be my next challenge, a nice clean nice street. With people. Maybe a few future cops, and a taxi. Future taxi.

Another lazy double post. I know, I'm a slacker. This will be it for a few days as well. I help out with an art docent at my daughters kindergarten class once a month, which is tomorrow; and I'm heading down to Great Wolf Lodge with the kiddies after that. So, I won't have much time to do any art.

This was the laziest piece. Ugly bug. I shouldn't share it, but there's a few things I like. Anyway.

So that's it. If you want to head on down to GWL I'll be the pasty, hefty white guy with Ahab chasing him. We can eat expensive cafeteria food together.

Moby Doug


  1. Hey Doug I started checking out your blog last week and I think your art work is really great. I am an out of work father of two so naturally I'm using my time to write my first script. I'd love to send the first few pages to you and maybe you could draw a quick concept for the truck in it. Incredibly presumptuous I know but worth a try right? My email is if you're interested.

  2. Just discovered your blog. Great stuff! Can't wait to dive in.