Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Neill, I'm sort of ashamed. I mean, this is nerdy. Like I should own a Stormtrooper costume nerdy.

I was actually just testing out a new PS brush I acquired. It's pretty cool. That lead to this post.

I love thinking of mundane things that exist in a fantasy world. Sometimes they're focused on, like the television ads in Robocop. Usually though, they're in the background and only the most hardcore fan will find or appreciate them. To me it sells the world. Shit; think of Broadmore's Grordbort universe, that's a perfect example. What sells it is all the little things in the background. So I made a book cover, for a book that would exist on bookstore shelves in the D9 universe.

It's not necessarily how I would make a cover, but it's what I would expect to find. The fake damaged cover, the bold heavy type, and the trendy blurry art. You know the books. Usually non fiction, comparative religion, metaphysics, science (especially fringe science), cryptozoology stories, non fiction crime; the list goes on.

I might do more, maybe one based on conspiracy theory Wikus, who knows. They're nerdy, but quick and fun.

Well hope the new film is going well.


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  1. If you don't mind my asking, where does one get that brush?