Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kicking it old school!

Holy shit Neill, have you seen the craziness? I was featured on io9. Chiggety check it here. Because of me, you're famous!

Click off crazy. On a serious note, thanks for all the kind comments new viewers! I'll try to answer as many q's and e-mails as I can, but it's hard. Trying to find time between, work, fun work, family, fighting ninjas and this blog; not a lot of time. But thanks! It really means a lot to me. Ok, crazy back on.

So here's a quick one from tonight Neill. I had some pressure to preform, but kept' on effing it up! Somewhere this image crawled it's way out of the scene I was doing. Anything is fixable I suppose. It's sort of a throw back image. Like those old sci-fi novels covers. I used a paint over for the girl. I messed her up enough, I asked the internet for help. It obliged. A lot.

Hope you had a good one!

DD Williams


  1. It looks like Dejah Thoris is waiting for a Guild Heinleiner!

  2. Nice Barsoom reference there, mordicai. It does look much like I imagined a Martian airship might.