Monday, February 15, 2010

Old Spice

Neill, how's it going. Pretty good here to be honest. Had an awesome Valentines day with the kiddo's. decorated heart shaped sugar cookies. You know what a two year old puts on a frosted sugar cookie? Pink fucking suger arystals. Like a mountain of them. She's like a little fremen kid hooked on spice, but instead it's pink sugar.

(This is a horrible lead in, but it's all I got.)

Hey what the fuck is up with Arrakis? I mean shit, ain't they got spice on other planets? I mean sure, maybe your eyes don't go all bluey, but surely it can't be that great. I mean, it can't bend space and time, right? can?

Wow, that's some good fucking spice. Can you imagine the street value of that planet? CHA-CHING!



  1. Hey Doug, this is Meredith! I've been trying to reach you for a story. Please contact me when you get a chance thank you!

  2. Doug -

    I came over here after reading Meredith's article on io9 - you are genius.

    If Neil doesn't hire you, I hope someone else does. As a lifelong Sci-Fi/Fantasy ner...stud (as you say) I think most of this stuff is brilliant. (Personally, not a zombie fan. Post apocalyptic is cool - see Children of Men??? Best movie of 2006. Or maybe Pan's Labyrinth - but zombies are unnecessary. Unless it's I Am Legend. With the original ending.)

    Keep it up!


  3. Doug, you are as hilarious as you are talented. Really enjoying your communiques to Neil. Maybe he'll mellow out if he gets that Oscar.

  4. read all of your posts. Found you from io9 as well. Love your style. I really wanna see the Pacific NW Amerindian Mecha!

  5. Fantastic art, wish you the best of luck with your quest!!!

  6. May you crush your enemy's skulls between your thighs. Just kidding.

    You've got amazing art and mad skillz (yeah- skills with a "z"). It's cool if it makes me jizz in my pants right?

    But seriously:
    May you crush your enemy's skulls between your thighs. <3

  7. Linked from io9, just read the whole blog.

    Epic art, hilarious blog, keep it up man!


  8. Id love to see your take on a Half Life 2 Advisor