Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Solar Power

I know, two in one day! What did you do to deserve this? Let me check my inbox....nothing. You've done nothing to deserve this. Still; here's an uber quicky. I honestly shouldn't even post it. I was just inspired by a friends work, wanted to crank something out. So this is it.

Solar Power stations. Relays to earth, tethers I suppose. Fun stuff. The jpeg compression made it all wonky, but I kind of like it.

Oh, I just wanted to say, I love both Cameron on Scott. I'm sort of a fanboy of both. I saw Blade Runner when it came out, I think I was ten or something. Why was I allowed to watch that? Wow, I also saw The Road Warrior (Greg, that's Mad Max 2 to all of you in a land down under...or next to a land down under) around then. What was wrong with my parents (Love you guys!)?

So I love Ridley and James. Loved Avatar, can't wait for Robin Hood. I'll have to see what Ridley does with this Monopoly movie thing, he's earned my trust; but I can't picture it being good. He's got vision though. I will say I honestly don't want an Alien prequel.

You know what I want instead of a prequel, Alien 3. But there was a three, you say? Not in my new universe. I love the style, and enjoy the story of three; but not as an alien film. It negates everything that happens in Aliens. Kill off Newt and Hicks? Fuck that, no I mean it; FUCK THAT. So start from there. They're all older and on earth. Ripley and Hicks are together and Newt is their adopted, but now grown kid. Go from there, make it an Alien story. Fuck everything that came after that. Three and four and AVP and that Rastafarian Alien thing--ADIOS! God, they really fucked that series.

Whoa, when did this soap box get under my feet?

Doug "Right on the Alien Prequel" Williams

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