Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ballon Crash

Grand day Mr. Blomkamp!

So here's an uber quick piece. It's a crashed floater ship. Like a big manned weather balloon. These guys have hung close to the wreckage, but no help has arrived for twenty some odd hours, so now they're heading to base on foot. Quick idea. I was just painting clouds...and it turned into this.

It's super quick though, around half an hour. Now, I ain't the best artist in the world, but imagine what I could do if I was really trying, and had a few hours in the evening. Ok, I'd probably waste two and a half hours and crank something out at the end, but still.

Let's do this shit! Oh, also I write, did I mention that? Fucking reni...ah..reinna...shit how do you spell that...uh...renaissance man!

I expect to hear from you today, or else the hunt begins. The most dangerous game....


Not really.

John "Douglas" Rambo

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